Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Notes From Penticton

Lucky 7 Hockey panelist "The Expert" made the trip to Penticton last week to check out the new Jets first hand. Below are his notes, and his assessment of the Jets prospects:

"My cousin Ed, who has run our family hockey pool since it's inception in 1977 went to the games with me.  We saw the Oilers and Flames on Wednesday and the Jets and Canucks on Thursday.  His comment was that he could not believe how fast and big the Jets were.  The Canucks would have easily beaten either the Flames or Oiler prospects but they were boys playing against men when it came to he Jets.  Entire shifts were spent in the Canuck zone, Redmond, yuen and the other Jets D were in the rush ALL the time and ready to jump as soon as he puck turned over.  Yuen made a couple of rushes from his own end where you thought he was cornered by a forechecker and spun away to lead the rush.  Redmond was a rock with no flaws he's NHL ready.  Koper was solid, fast and strong but that was he entire Jets team.  He was great in the first game against SJ but was not terribly outstanding in the game I saw.  Klingberg will likely make the team and Scheifele was constantly getting chances.  Reminds me a little of Toews.

Gregoire is also pretty talented but I doubt he could crack the big club this year."

There you have it. Hardly an unbiased source , but a first hand witness none the less. We have the real deal on our hands here folks. Get ready for a wicked ride!

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