Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Flying Low - Headline Round Up

By: Derek "Brooksey" Brookes

The Jets are flying low.  

Fans are fidgeting in their seats waiting for the captain to come on the intercom and assure us we're still proceeding to the playoffs.  Some passengers are dreaming about trades that will bring back Teemu the Great and grant all of our wishes.  According to SPORTS CLUB STATS the Jets are pretty much done.  Unless the team can get hot and stay hot (like 19-10-3 kinda heat) we are 80% odds to miss out.  That would put the Jets firmly into the SELLERS MARKET come trade deadline.   It sucks, but maybe Chevy will play it smart and get some good return for our looming UFA’s.  Please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their upright and locked position…

The ALL STAR GAME weekend is over and much like the Winter Classic it just felt overhyped.  There were some flashy moves in the skills competition but the game itself lacked any consequence.  With the mid season lull perhaps it’s a good time to ponder FIVE QUESTIONS THE JETS NEED TO ANSWER

Hey there sportsfans, we have a fantastic inflight movie to entertain you during your flight.  DESERT DOGS III: BETTMAN’S LAST STAND is just starting on the in-flight entertainment system.  Those pesky Phoenix pups are still holding out despite no owner, no fans and no money.  For those Jets fans who have waited forever for the  final chapter of the Coyotes saga this could be it.  I like to think of it as the OJ Simpson trial on ice.  Both long running stories have lies, lawyers, greed, betrayal and lots of red…ink.  A Coyotes relocation would make an amazing trivia question.  Shane Doan could be the only player in NHL history to play his entire career for the same franchise and yet play in 3 different cities.  Some Jets fans believe the NHL will repatriate the history of the first franchise if Phoenix moves.  Others believe that the franchise must keep its records with it.  THE FRANCHISE OF THESEUS: A RANT ON RELOCATIONS eloquently answers that question.  

On the other movie channel we have EVERYBODY LOVES WINNIPEG.  Sports Illustrated came to see for themselves what the NHL return means to Winnipeg.  Who knows, with some magic maybe we can still have a storybook ending.

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